Missing Pieces

by Tough Luck



released January 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Tough Luck Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Hardcore

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Track Name: Martyrs
I sit and I stare, I try to stay calm
there's people around me, but they are all wrong
They fall to the ground, and look to the sky
I glance in disgust, choking inside
Reality is, there's nothing up there
calling the shots, from a taller chair
there maybe morals by which we abide
but not from a book, by how we survive

your ignorance is at my expense
use your head
where the fuck's your common sense
Track Name: Missing Pieces
Motherfuckers never told me it'd end like this
I'm in a hole that's getting deeper, and I can't do shit
everyone knows that life is just a puzzle
but every piece I pick, I keep finding trouble

I've been waiting and waiting, hoping the pain releases
if this shit is just a puzzle then my puzzle's missing pieces
Track Name: Failure
Today I've failed
I've failed you
I've failed every fucking person
in this god damn room
but it's nothing new
it's nothing new
for me to miss you
Track Name: Welded Shut
Everyone keeps walking by me
Stabbing me in the back as they go
I give away trust way to easily
and now I don't know where to go from here
You've welded me shut,
burnt out my emotions,
no love, no faith here, just fear
Jesus Christ, life was going so well
but now my eyes are glazed with fear
Track Name: Push Comes to Shove
You give to god, something that is yours
in turn expecting a shield from the world
if god is love, then love is a sin
because god would never let you in

been searching for god for seventeen years
nothing better then hell has appeared
within this hell I found many doubts
like the doubt that hell
has a way out

This life I fear is just a trap
for the loveless and the wounded
an endless fucking lap
I'm becoming afraid of the ones that I love
but I must maintain