Summer 2010 Promo

by Tough Luck



released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Tough Luck Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Hardcore

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Track Name: Lowlife
there's nothing I can do
when they spit
and they lie through their teeth
and they will talk about the promises
they know they won't keep
and they will lie (lie)
futures running out of the door
and I won't sit here and be fed
this shit anymore
I'm going home
Track Name: Bite Your Tongue
The cowardice that you hide behind
is thin as ice keep that in mind
your first mistake was lying through your teeth
so shut your mouth I won't listen to you speak

You know that you're lying,
so why won't you stop
your story just gets looser
there is no lie
you cannot top

About face cause you won't face yourself
you fucking coward
turn around and face your hell
you found truth in your lies
and now your in a trap
your mistakes are the bars
and you've become the starving rat