Heavy Fortune

by Tough Luck



Solid Bond Records 003
Digital and 7" EP
Available for download on iTunes, Amazon, solidbond.bandcamp.com , and streaming on Spotify.



released February 27, 2013

Recorded By Will Yip at Studio 4



all rights reserved


Tough Luck Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Hardcore

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Track Name: Word Of A Thief
If I could I would hold you close, keep you warm in this cold hard world. But I'm a little too cold myself, no warmth to share with anyone else. Been exposed to lies, my friends and family become the ones I despise. Who's to say I haven't changed, but my love had always stayed the same. I'd test the ropes as long as it took to gain your trust, you've got me hooked. But you feel no shame, you're just as guilty as me. hiding from reality, I just wanna breath, without your eyes on the back of my head, shut your mouth, it's all been said. You're no different, just a record on repeat, preach the same sermon, but I can't be, I won't be, I can't be your word.
Track Name: Blind Guidance
Felt the pain but I can't avoid. You're the one thing I can't destroy. Nothing could hold you back from turning my world cold and black. Every now and then I'll forget your face, then I see the scars and the memory's replaced. I fell to the bottom, cried out in pain. No one listened, no one to blame. Fight, Bleed, Break, set me free. You run from every challenge you face, never felt my pain or the devils grace. Don't talk about your efforts you've got nothing to show, how many lies can you bestow? people you've hurt, pain you've caused, won't leave a mark on my stone cold heart. Promises crumbled, guidance was blind. Won't waste my time searching for peace in your lies. Begging for open arms from anyone, but i can't change whats already been done. Can't forgive, and I won't forget. I'll tie your noose without regret.
Track Name: Sorrow
I'm tired but can't bring myself to sleep. Pray for no tomorrow, but my prayers never keep, and my wish is never granted. What could I have done to avoid being abandoned? Just like every thought I ever had. It's just a comfort I'll never know, but that's okay because I never really felt at home.
Track Name: Built To Burn
Hide the face that's been hidden for years. No point in showing the things that you fear. Left foot in harm's way, right foot in the grave, you can't last long with that attitude here. You're a smiling face I can't fucking erase, and I'm just a toy in your game. Follow my foot steps, stop hiding your face, because I know what lies beneath doesn't need to be chased.
Track Name: Forever Frigid
Join me on my level of pain, feel the hurt again and again. I'm on the bottom, can't fail anymore, I never knew your face, just the hate you store. Tear down the past of what could never be, because you fail and you fail and you don't believe in me. The anger I built could destroy worlds of love, but I can't release it without you staring from above. Sometimes I feel like I'll forever pay for the sins your convinced I committed. Somehow it seems that the only pain is the one that leaves me frigid.
Track Name: Heavy Fortune
Tired of hiding everything that I done. "tried my best" but in the end who won? The man I am, or the pain I bred? This won't be the way I end. A bitter grin, bite my tongue, face the fact, I can't please everyone. Isolated and alone, cold but home. No way out, fire burns slow, holding me down, but I can't let go. A bitter grin, bite my tongue, face the fact, I can't please everyone. Isolated and alone, cold but home. Put me at ease, release the crows, take the weight off me, let my heavy fortune show.